Chemical and Energy Industry

Chemical and Energy Industry

Lifang & Partners provides comprehensive and specialized services for diverse companies based on our understanding of the latest developments and extensive experience in the chemical and energy industry. Our expertise in this industry includes IP Law, Antitrust litigation and consultancy, Regulatory compliance, Investment and financing, M&A, Domestic and overseas listing, Labor Law, Dispute resolution, and more. Our team consists of highly skilled practitioners located primarily in Beijing, Shanghai, and Wuhan. Many of our team members possess dual educational backgrounds in chemistry and law, which equips them with a deep understanding of technical issues, commercial considerations, and the legal needs of our clients. We are committed to providing refined and multi-dimensional legal services that address the unique challenges and opportunities within the chemical and energy industry.

Our legal services in this field cover:

Patent: Patent layout; patent prosecution; patent infringement and invalidation disputes; and other relevant services

Trademark: Trademark and brand protection; trademark portfolio management; trademark registration, licensing, assignment and changes; trademark opposition, review, invalidation; trademark litigation

Antitrust: Antitrust compliance, administrative investigation and litigation

Compliance: Data & privacy, general corporate compliance review and consultation, anti-commercial bribery investigation, and compliance training

Securities and Capital Markets: Domestic and foreign listing, investments and financing, mergers and acquisitions and reorganization of chemical enterprises

Technology licensing and transfer for chemical enterprises

Trade secret protection and anti-unfair competition

Providing legal services for establishment, corporate operations, labor law and employment of chemical and energy enterprise

Providing legal services for bidding, contracting, completion and settlement of chemical and energy projects

Notable Cases

Providing IP agency and  consulting services for SINOPEC

Sunny Optics v. AAC Optics - Series patent infringement litigation and patent invalidation cases

Panjin Dongxing, a local supplier, sued Petro China and its subsidiary for abuse of market dominance

The acquisition of shares in Reliance BP Mobility Limited by BP plc.

The acquisition of shares in Bayport Polymers LLC by Borealis AG.

Rhodia v. HySci - Patent infringement disputes and patent invalidation 

Xuhong v. AGC - Unfair competition disputes

China Minmetals v. China Minmetals Union trademark, unfair competition infringement and "China Minmetals" well-known trademark recognition case

MCC v. Sinomet International Corporation for Trademark, Unfair Competition and Recognition of "MCC" as a Well-known Trademark

KUNER v. several smartphone battery companies - Patent infringement disputes and patent invalidation

AGC v. Dongguan Dongmo Optoelectronic Technology Co Ltd  and Sichuan Xuhong Optoelectronic Technology Co Ltd - Series Invention patent infringement disputes

Duksan (Korea) v. Merck (Germany) - Patent invalidation

Halliburton Energy Services (China) Limited v. Shark Oilfield Services Ltd. dispute case over trade secrets

Representing Qinghai CAS to respond to the invention patent invalidation case filed by Qinghai Qidiqingyuan

Zhongann Energy Co Ltd v. Shenzhen Clou Electronics Co Ltd - Technical contract litigation

Representing Beijing Fuyuan Pharmaceutical Co Ltd in this first instance dispute against Daiichi Sankyo Company Limited relating to the infringement of invention patent No. 97126347.7

Representing Meihua Group in a patent invalidation administrative litigation in South Korea

The Beijing PTG Technical Secret case

Representing a leading company in foodstuff and chemical industry in a civil trade secret infringement case running parallel with criminal proceedings

Fuel Tech et al. v. Low Carbon Environmental Tech Co Ltd

Seiko-Epson (Japan) v. Zhuhai Doumen Yinhe Printing Materials Co Ltd

Seiko-Epson (Japan) v. SIPO’s Patent Re-examination Board - Patent validity dispute

The Filtrona International Limited patent infringement disputes

Representing a Japanese chemical company to request the invalidation of a Mitsubishi Plastics' patent

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