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Practice experience

Mr Hu started practising law in 1997 and is a Senior Managing Partner of the Lifang & Partners. He is experienced in contract negotiation, corporate compliance and dispute resolution. He has worked as legal counsel for many businesses, SOEs and government departments, such as the Ministry of Railways, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the National Railway Administration, China Minsheng Bank, China Everbright Bank and China Commercial Foreign Trade Corporation.

During his more than two dozen years of practice, Mr Hu has handled a number of influential disputes in areas such as finance, investments, construction and real estate, telecommunications, and energy. Many of those cases were heard by the Supreme People’s Court. Through his experiences, Mr Hu has gained an insightful understanding of many legal and business issues involving corporate governance structures, corporate risk management and compliance operations.

Prior to joining Lifang & Partners, Mr Hu taught and researched civil law at the Guizhou Politics & Law Institute, worked in Hua Lian Law Firm, and founded Hai Ying Law Firm.

Dispute Resolution Experience

- Representing China EximBank, China Minsheng Bank, China Everbright Bank and others in disputes relating to billion RMB non-performing debts, negotiable instruments and securities.

- Representing a domestic entity in arbitration over a coal-bed methane purchase and a high-value gas distribution contract.

- Representing Datang Mobile Communications in arbitration over a technical cooperation and R&D contract, which was the first arbitration case involving the TD chip industry.

- Representing Zhuhai Glass in EPC litigation against Beijing Construction Group, Shanghai Construction Group and Hong Kong Construction Group relating to the China National Theatre.

- Representing China Everbright Bank against a rubber group in the Supreme People’s Court regarding an assurance dispute that was listed as a notable case by the Supreme People’s Court.

- Representing China Minsheng Bank against an enterprise group in high-value loan contract litigation.

- Representing Hu XX against Shan XX and a Hong Kong company in the Supreme People’s Court at Second Instance in an infringement dispute involving complex jurisdiction issues.

Project Based Experience

- The Qinghai-Tibet Railway Company’s project in cooperation with foreign enterprises to develop tourism along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway with a luxury passenger sleeper train.

- Conducting legal document reviews for the Beijing-Tianjin intercity traffic engineering project.

- Assisting Citigroup and Lehman Brothers to purchase domestic non-performing financial assets.

- Providing Cura Investment with legal services for the purchase of the Shanghai Calxon Building project.

- Providing China Minsheng Bank with full legal services for its real estate projects such as the Shunyi Minsheng Garden project, Jinrong Street Huarong Apartments and the Schengen International Hotel and other matters.

- Providing legal services to Chongqing Hongyuanyufu for an investment project.

- Providing legal services to Hongyuanjinpu for its investment in Zhejiang Ant Financial.

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  • Corporate and Commercial Law
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