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Lifang & Partners Listed in the World Trademark Review 2022

Release time:2022-04-02

World Trademark Review released the "WTR1000 Global Trademark Directory of Leading Law Firms 2022". Lifang & Partners was awarded the Bronze Firm in the areas of "Enforcement and Litigation" and "Prosecution and Strategy". Lifang & Partners has been repeatedly listed in the list, demonstrating its leadership in the above two practice areas. In addition, Xie Guanbin, Zhang Bin and Liang Hui were named to the list of outstanding attorneys in the field of "Enforcement and Litigation".

Ranked Departments

Bronze Firm: "Enforcement and Litigation"

Bronze Firm: "Prosecution and Strategy"

Testimonials of WTR:

 “Extremely professional and talented.” 

 It also has “a very efficient IP management system, which enables us to get the necessary information in time”. The highly regarded IP contentious offering never disappoints its wide array of clients.

Ranked Attorneys

"Enforcement and Litigation" Practice Area

XIE Guanbin(Silver)

Testimonials of WTR:

Beijing-based Xie is an expert in IP, antitrust and competition law. “He has an excellent command of strategy and provides solid advice to help us achieve our corporate and business objectives and a deep knowledge of litigation strategies and legal matters.” 

ZHANG Bin(Bronze)

Testimonials of WTR:

“Zhang has an unimpeachable record in cross-border contentious matters.”

"Prosecution and Strategy" Practice Area

LIANG Hui(Silver)

Testimonials of WTR:

“Liang has practised Chinese IP law since 1994 and has longstanding relationships with Fortune-500 companies on the trademark prosecution front.”

About World Trademark Review

World Trademark Review (WTR) is the trusted source of worldwide news, analysis and data on the management of trademarks, and one of the world's most authoritative legal rating agencies. The WTR1000 Global Directory is recognized as an authoritative analysis of the world's leading trademark law firms.

About Lifang & Partners

Founded in 2002, Lifang & Partners is a full-service law firm with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Haikou and Seoul, South Korea. Since our founding, we have provided a full range of award-winning legal services covering intellectual property, antitrust and competition law, dispute resolution, securities, capital markets and other areas.

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