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Practice experience

Ms. Jiao specializes in antitrust and competition law.

Ms. Jiao has gained diverse experience in dealing with antitrust issues related to SEPs. She is now handling several on-going SEP-related litigations. In the past, she is responsible for dealing with FRAND issues in a series of SEPs-related litigations between Huawei and Samsung. She witnessed the antitrust investigation into Qualcomm as a government counsel and interpreter for NDRC. She represented several local companies and associations in filing complaints to the NDRC against SEP holders; assisted licensor/licensee with competition issues in SEP licensing negotiations; submitted a third party opinion to MOFCOM regarding a SEP-related acquisition.

In addition, she has assisted clients in merger filings and antitrust investigations. She also handled antitrust litigations, including Qihoo v. Tencent.

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Business field

  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Antitrust and Unfair Competition
  • Dispute Resolution

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