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  • Corporate and Commercial Law
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The Lifang & Partners Capital Markets and Securities team has a wealth of experience and has served as legal adviser to many issuers and underwriters at home and abroad. It has participated in the listings of several companies on the Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and New York stock exchanges. It has substantial experience working with preferred stocks, convertible bonds, asset securitization and other emerging businesses in China’s capital markets.

Lifang & Partners’ clients include Chinese and foreign state-owned companies, private enterprises, world-renowned multinational companies, and investment banks. We work with a broad range of industries including finance, energy, construction, transportation, manufacturing, agriculture, consulting, security, TMT, and other fields.

Our securities and capital markets services cover:

- Domestic and overseas initial public offerings and listings (IPO)

Public offerings and private placements (including preferred stock) by listed companies

Material asset restructuring and reverse mergers for listed companies

Domestic and international mergers and acquisitions

Central and local government bond issuances both inside and outside of China

The issuance of RMB bonds by foreign institutions in China (Panda Bonds)

The issuance of corporate bonds, private bonds and public/private bonds, convertible bonds, and exchangeable bonds

The issuance of short-term financing bonds, ultra-short-term financing bonds and medium-term notes in the inter-bank market

Applications to the Co. for listings (New OTC Market)

The establishment of stock holding systems in SOEs

Enterprise assets restructuring (both buying and selling)

Assisting corporations to implement stock and stock option incentive plans

Assisting securities companies to set up aggregate asset management plans

The establishment and raising of IPO funds

Regular legal consulting for listed companies

Lifang & Partners provides comprehensive legal services for private fund managers and private funds, including fund model design, internal control system construction, change of fund manager reporting, management of legal risks from operations, prevention and control of contract risks, and special legal risks prevention. We help our clients to fulfil their regulatory compliance obligations to the Fund Association and comprehensively clean up and prevent all kinds of legal risks that may occur.

Lifang & Partners’ securities and capital markets team has completed well-known and complex investment and M&A transactions on behalf of many listed companies, state-owned enterprises, and private enterprises. Other work handled by the team includes listed company reorganizations and mergers, cross-border acquisitions, overseas investment and M&A projects. During these transactions, our team has provides integrated services to clients using their in-depth understanding of the Chinese legal and regulatory environment, and the integration of their expertise in tax, finance, and business matters. We have a deep understanding of client needs and can always provide comprehensive solutions.
With its professional skills and high standards, Lifang & Partners has rapidly expanded its practice areas to include insurance, banking, trusts, funds and fintech. It has formed a financial services team which includes more than ten legal professionals, who exert great influence in the field of legal services to the financial industry. Lifang & Partners has provided services for insurance companies, state-owned commercial banks, foreign banks, city commercial banks, village banks, trust companies, and other financial institutions. Our services have involved international financing, syndicated loans, project financing, and financial litigation. Financial institutions, trust loans, bond underwriters and others retain us to provide daily legal advisory services. We offer the full range of legal services required by financial institutions related to the issuance, risk management, disposal and acquisition of distressed assets and financial derivatives.
The Lifang & Partners insurance team comprises several experienced legal professionals. It has been focusing on providing legal services to the insurance industry for many years. Our legal services cover all fields of the insurance industry.
Construction and real estate have played an important role in the development of China’s economy. Lifang & Partners as a legal services provider takes an active role in the construction and real estate industries. Our construction and real estate practice combines our knowledge of contract, corporate and property law with industry knowledge. Lifang & Partners has been a group of excellent lawyers, which form its professional real estate team. Based on profound legal knowledge and industry expertise, our real estate team provides legal services for banks, real estate funds, developers, contractors, project investors and the Government. We can handle all aspects of a transaction including land development, project acquisition, engineering construction, real estate financing, and property management etc. Lifang & Partners’ real estate team works closely with our dispute resolution team on construction and real estate matters, allowing us to minimize the potential for disputes or to deal with them expeditiously, should they arise. We assist our clients to mitigate their risks and to achieve their commercial objectives.
Human resource management and labour dispute resolutions are a significant component of business operation. Lifang & Partners understands the importance of Labour Law matters to clients and attaches great attention to this area of practice. Our Labour Law Practitioners possess rich experiences, aim to provide high-quality legal services and maintain close relationships with relevant government administrations, judicial organs, experts and scholars. Lifang & Partners is capable of providing clients with a comprehensive labour law service, including conducting compliance audits, suggesting improvements for labour relationships, establishing labour management systems, providing key staff with labour law training, managing employee placements in special commercial transactions, handling the employment of foreigners, and resolving labour disputes.

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