• Capital Markets and Securities

The Lifang & Partners Capital Markets and Securities team has a wealth of experience and has served as legal adviser to many issuers and underwriters at home and abroad. It has participated in the listings of several companies on the Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and New York stock exchanges. It has substantial experience working with preferred stocks, convertible bonds, asset securitization and other emerging businesses in China’s capital markets.
Lifang & Partners’ clients include Chinese and foreign state-owned companies, private enterprises, world-renowned multinational companies, and investment banks. We work with a broad range of industries including finance, energy, construction, transportation, manufacturing, agriculture, consulting, security, TMT, and other fields.
Our securities and capital markets services cover:
- Domestic and overseas initial public offerings and listings (IPO)
- Public offerings and private placements (including preferred stock) by listed companies
- Material asset restructuring and reverse mergers for listed companies
- Domestic and international mergers and acquisitions
- Central and local government bond issuances both inside and outside of China
- The issuance of RMB bonds by foreign institutions in China (Panda Bonds)
- The issuance of corporate bonds, private bonds and public/private bonds, convertible bonds, and exchangeable bonds
- The issuance of short-term financing bonds, ultra-short-term financing bonds and medium-term notes in the inter-bank market
- Applications to the Co. for listings (New OTC Market)
- The establishment of stock holding systems in SOEs
- Enterprise assets restructuring (both buying and selling)
- Assisting corporations to implement stock and stock option incentive plans
- Assisting securities companies to set up aggregate asset management plans
- The establishment and raising of IPO funds
- Regular legal consulting for listed companies

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