• Banking & Finance Notable Cases


  • Assisting Lehman Brothers, Citi Group for the bidding of Wuhan NPL of Huarong Asset Management Corporation
  • Providing special legal service to China Minsheng Trust and other large-scale trust companies for a number of trust loan projects
  • Providing legal service and legal opinion regarding special matters to Hangzhou Bank and BOC Fullerton Community Bank, etc
  • Serving as thepermanent legal advisor of China Development Bank, CMBC, China Citic Bank, China Everbright Bank, etc.
  • Providing legal service to China Development Bank for a number of large-scale international financial projects in Canada, Brazil and Angola, etc.
  • Representing Bank of China, CMBC, Industrial Bank, BOC Fullerton Community Bank, Hubei Bank, etc. in the financial litigations, among which the financial loan disputes between CMBC and “Shide Fraction” and “Jiuce Fraction” involve several billions and the banker’s acceptance bill disputes between Industrial Bank and an enterprise of Hubei involve 500 million
  • Representing PICC P& C, China Life, Anbang Insurance, Greatwall Life in insurance litigation and insurance capital investment and providing them with other insurance legal service
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