• Investment & financing Notable Cases


  • Multiple acquisition and investment projects of Riverside Group in Beijing, including Bogong project, Qingdao Laoshan project, Jinhai Lake project and the collectively-owned land project of Luohanshi Village, etc.
  • Acquisition of Fujian Start Computer Equipment Co., Ltd. by Aisino Corporation
  • The capital increase project of 500 million in Chongqing Yinhai Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. by Chongqing Hongyuanyufu Investment Fund
  • Investment in Shanghai SVA Group by China Credit Trust Co., Ltd. and its investment in cable TV network in Henan Anyang
  • Investment projects of China Digital TV Investment and Development Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, Liaoning, Shanxi, Henan, etc.
  • Establishment and investment of HeishiYunfan Fund
  • The M&A project of Kunming Chennong Group and Yunnan Agricultural Reclamation Group
  • Financial/acquisition projects of China Development Bank in Canada, Brazil, Angola, Mali, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, etc.
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